Sites of our Falklen Officers - New Wreath Placements


Wreath Placed For RPD Patrolman Jame T. Volz

(EOW: 9/15/1942) on September 10, 2019


Wreath Placed for MCSO Sergeant Peter Rotolo    (EOW: 9/20/1974) on September 17, 2019

Fallen Deputies that made the Ultimate Sacrifice

Deputy Simon J. Bermingham E.O.W. January 10, 1912


Age 47

  • Tour Not available
  • Badge Not available

Deputy Bermingham was shot and killed after responding, with other officers, to a report that a murder had taken place. A young man had shot and killed his father after a dispute. When the officers arrived at the scene they were met with a hail of gunfire and Deputy Bermingham killed.

The suspect was arrested at the scene. He was charged with first degree murder and later execute at Auburn Prison on March 31, 1913.


  • Cause Gunfire
  • Weapon: Gun, unknown type
  • Offender Executed in 1912

Special Deputy Charles Frederick Sova E.O.W. September 8, 1931


 Age 48

Special Deputy  Charles Sova was shot a day after he celebrated his 48th birthday,  killed as he and a deputy sheriff attempted to arrest a burglary suspect at the intersection of Cromwell Drive and Landing Road.

The suspect produced a concealed handgun and shot Deputy Sova in the abdomen, fatally wounding him. He died from the wound the following day.

Monroe County officials, who said they had a open and shut case, were shocked when a jury acquitted the suspect of murder, but convicted him of weapons charges.

Deputy Sova had previously served with the United States Navy and was survived by his wife and one child.


  • Cause Gunfire
  • Incident Date: 
  • Monday September 7, 1931
  • Weapon Handgun
  • Offender Acquitted

Special Deputy Joseph G. Munz E.O.W. February 26, 1932


Age 57

  • Tour 10 years
  • Badge Not available

Special Deputy Joseph Munz succumbed to injuries sustained the previous day when he was struck by a vehicle while directing traffic.

He was transported to a local hospital suffering from a fractured skull and internal injuries.

Deputy Munz had served with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office for 10 years. He was survived by his wife and two children. His Grandson (Joseph Marhatta) joined the MCSO in 1966 and retired as a  Investigative Sergeant in 1997.


  • Cause Struck by vehicle
  • Incident Date Thursday, February 25, 1932


Deputy William Marshall E.O.W. April 3, 1946


Age 50

  • Tour Not available
  • Badge Not available

Deputy William Marshall was killed when the patrol car he was driving overturned.

He lost control of the vehicle for an unknown reason and the vehicle left the roadway and overturned, killing Deputy Marshall.


  • Cause Automobile crash

Deputy James I. Conheady E.O.W. March 25, 1947


 Age 51

  • Tour Not available
  • Badge Not available

Deputy James I. Conheady 51 suffers a heart attack and dies behind the wheel of his patrol car after serving court papers on March 25, 1947.

Deputy James Conheady's great nephew Deputy Rory Conheady started working the MCSO in 2015 .

Deputy John Pullano E.O.W. May 16, 1957


Age 29

  • Tour Not available
  • Badge 71

Deputy Pullano died on May 16, 1957 from injuries he sustained on May 11, 1957 when a vehicle turned into the path of his police motorcycle.

As a result of Deputy Pullano's death, both the Monroe County Sheriff's Office and the Rochester Police Department, began requiring all motor officers to wear helmets.

Deputy Pullano was survived by his wife and son. His son joined the MCSO in 1978 and retired in 2008.


  • Cause Motorcycle crash
  • Incident Date Saturday, May 11, 1957

Undersheriff George A. Conway E.O.W. August 13, 1965


 Age 68

  • Tour 39 years
  • Badge Not available

Undersheriff George Conway and his wife were killed while returning from a New York Sheriff's Association meeting in which he was representing the agency.

Their vehicle was struck head on by a moving van.

Undersheriff Conway had served with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office for 39 years.


  • Cause Automobile crash

Deputy Harold E. Knitter E.O.W. May 29, 1966


On May 20, 1966 while assigned to duties at the penitentiary suffered a fatal stroke. 

Deputy Harold E. Knitter was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital where he passed away.

Deputy Harold E. Knitter was assigned to road-patrol most of his career, working the Scottsvile, Gates, and Wheatland area. Deputy Harold E. Knitter was assigned to the penitentiary for a six month period after a surgical procedure.

He was survived by his wife and 2 children. His son Deputy Hawley "Lee" Knitter joined the MCSO and retired after 20 years of service. 


  • Cause  Stroke

Deputy Francis E. Dombrowski E.O.W. February 6, 1970


 On the evening of January 31, 1969, Deputy Francis Dombrowski was involved in an accident on Scottsville Road near North Road in the Village of Scottsville.

 Although the circumstances of the accident were not known, it was believed to be the result of a violator pursuit. Witnesses stated that Deputy Dombrowski had engaged his lights and siren just before the accident with an oncoming car. The force of the accident nearly cut the patrol car in half. Both Deputy Dombrowski and the other driver were trapped in their vehicles.

Deputy Dombrowski was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital where he remained unconscious for several months. He died February 6, 1970, from injuries sustained in the accident.


  • Cause  Automobile Accident

Sergeant Robert Skelton E.O.W. June 23, 1972


 On the rainy evening of June 21, 1972, Sergeant Robert Skelton, Jr., affectionately known as “Whitey” to his friends and colleagues, was on routine patrol in the Town of Pittsford. 

At about 8:30 p.m. Sergeant Skelton was southbound on Clover Street when an intoxicated northbound driver crossed into Skelton’s lane. Although Sergeant Skelton pulled to the right, he could not avoid the oncoming car. 

He was taken to the hospital, where he died 30 hours later. The other driver was taken to the hospital in serious condition, but did survive his injuries. He was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

Sergeant Skelton began his career with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in July 1962 and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in April 1971.

Sergeant Peter J. Rotolo E.O.W. September 20, 1974


 On September 9, 1974, a fight broke out between two inmates assigned to kitchen duties in the Monroe County Jail. 

Sergeant Rotolo and several other deputies responded to the incident. During the struggle that ensued, Sergeant Rotolo was thrown against the wall by an inmate. Sergeant Rotolo suffered a massive heart attack and slumped to the floor. A jail nurse provided mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and he was transported to Rochester General Hospital. 

Sergeant Rotolo remained in a coma until his death on September 20.

Sergeant Rotolo joined the Monroe County Penitentiary Staff in 1958 and was later transferred to the Monroe County Jail when the penitentiary was closed.

Corporal Catherine M. Crawford E.O.W. March 5, 1995


 In May 1993, Corporal Catherine M. Crand to break up a fight between two inmates. As a result of this altercation, Corporal Crawford sustained injuries to her hand and knee.

 The knee injury required surgery to repair the damage, but prior to the scheduled operation, Corporal Crawford experienced serious breathing difficulties. After extensive medical testing, it was determined that Corporal Crawford had developed blood clots that lodged in her lungs as a result of the injury to her knee.

Surgery to remove the blood clots was ruled out due to their location. After further tests, Corporal Crawford was accepted as a candidate for a lung transplant. It was while waiting for the transplant that Corporal Crawford died on March 5, 1995.

Corporal Crawford began her career with the Sheriff’s Office on October 4, 1982 as a part-time deputy and was promoted to full-time status in July 1985. In November 1992, she was promoted to the rank of Corporal.

She was survived by her husband Deputy Lawrence Crawford (who joined MCSO in 1978 and retired 2004) and 3 children.

MCSO Photographic History

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Undersheriff Conway and Sgt. Skelton      Retired Deputy Lee Knitter

Sign Dedication Ceremony September 2015

For Deputy John Pullano, Deputy James Conheady, and Deputy Harold Knitter

Sign Dedication Ceremony in Scottsville, NY May 2015

For Deputies Bermingham, Marshall, and Dombrowski                            

By Retired Deputy Lee Knitter

RPD Pierson's Sign Dedication Ceremony May 2015

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RPD Daryl Pierson's Funeral 9/2014

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Memory Ceremony for Special Deputy Joseph Munz 9/24/2014

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