About Soar


If  you persevere and retire, your next step should be to join S.O.A.R. Thus starts a letter handed to each retiree as they leave the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. No idle gesture, this will enable each individual to continue a fellowship with fellow retirees and current management of the agency. The sharing of retirement information to include but not limited to benefit data is but one of the many topics shared with retirees via social gatherings where speakers keep attendees current.

You may ask yourself, “What is S.O.A.R. and what’s it all about?” Our purpose is to promote fellowship between members, keep abreast of the current advancements being made within the agency and to render voluntary assistance to the Office of the Sheriff, Monroe County, New York.

The organization was formed in March 1980 when several recent retirees gathered to begin an organization that would allow all retirees to meet on a regular basis, to participate in a social organization that looked out for the retiree’s interests, and would provide a resource of professional experienced individuals to assist with the agency on an ongoing basis. 

At the first gathering, 34 retirees met at the Monroe County Jail, created by-laws and selected a nominating committee consisting of retired Investigator Jeanette Ferraro, retired Major Norman Doe and retired Sergeant Carl Clapp.

This was the beginning….

On January 6, 1981, retired Criminal Investigation Division Investigator Jeanette Ferraro was elected as the first President of S.O.A.R. Other officers were retired Sergeant Robert Crowder as Vice-President, retirees Marge Sodeman as Secretary and Edward Sadden as Treasurer.